Frequently asked questions

Is contributing reference photos limited to binary transgender people?

Not at all! If you are non-binary, agender, gender queer or even identify as cisgender, you can submit your photographs. The purpose of this website is to promote inclusivity and diversity, as many reference sites only include cisgender and binary men and woman. If you feel like you fall out of this category then you are welcome to submit your photographs!

Why do I have to pay to see the nude reference images?

The purpose of paying for a membership is to increase the protection of models from excessive exposure, as well as to cover the costs of maintaining the website. The domain of the website and host (wix) charges an annual fee and the membership covers this, though we have tried to make this as cheap as possible to keep it accessible, and clothed reference images are free!

What if my images are used for the 'wrong' thing?

Each person who signs up for a membership must read the terms and conditions, which includes only using the photographs for the purposes of art. If someone is found to fall out of these conditions then the model has the right to take a complaint to the person who has breached these conditions. Saying this, models must understand that once these images are uploaded to the site, there is no way to garuantee protection of your images. You can blur your face or cut out any identifying features if you are concerned about image re-distribution.

Do I have to include my face in the photographs?

No. You can blur your face, put a symbol over it, crop the image at the neck, or look away from the camera if you would like to remain anonymous. Some more tips to remain anonymous: - Cover up unique tattoos with a bandage (even better if matches your skin tone) - Take photographs against a plain wall, or away from identifiable characteristics in your home (i.e. photo frames, any personal documents, unique furniture etc) - Wear sunglasses or a beanie to cover your face

Can I use the photographs without crediting or paying the model?

We will always encourage donating to the model (unless stated otherwise) if you are going to use their image in your art - especially if you are expecting to make a profit from this art you create. However, if you are unable to afford this then you do not have to pay this. Credit depends on the model as some may want to remain anonymous. To donate or check credit conditions, check out the "models" tab in the menu.

I want to take photographs to contribute, but have no ideas!

Here are some ideas: Individuals: - recreating renaissance pantings or greek statues - sleeping - getting dressed/undressed - taking your hormones - taking medications - yoga poses - dancing - walking - sitting - different emotions (happy, shocked, sad, scared) - using technology - having a bath or showering - eating or drinking - mundane routines (shaving, using deodrant, brushing your teeth etc) - holding a sign/protesting couples/groups: - hugging - kissing - sleeping - wrestling - massaging - having a conversation - flirting - looking after someone is sick To maximise the use of your photos, try to include the same poses in different angles.

Can you submit porn?

As it can be hard to draw the line between porn and nudity, we would leave this up to personal judgement - however the purpose of this website isn't to showcase porn. Ideally, images would not include explicit sexual acts such as genitals penetrating or being penetrated, along with genitals being stimulated sexually. However we could accept partners kissing/hugging/massaging nude and aroused genitals (such as erect penises). If you are not sure, you can contact us with your ideas in mind and we can reach a decision together.

How can I contribute?

Select the Submit page in the menu to let us know what you would like to submit, with your email so we can get back to you!

Will I get paid?

There is no garanteed payment for models to upload their images, however there is an option for you to include your payment link, and users of the site will be encouraged to give you a donation as a token of appreciation.

Is there a minimum number of photos I should contribute?

We reccomend at least 5 images in order to promote engagement. The more you include, the more artists will able to use and feel encouraged to donate to you.